Concealed carry firearms training

Garrett Peddicord

USCCA Instructor #3426-370367

Phone: (402) 953-8825

Certified U.S. Military Marksman

NRA Lifetime Member

  • Defend yourself and family.
  • Know your carry options.
  • Understand your weapon.
  • Understand the law.
  • Practice safety.

We provide both brand-new and more experienced shooters instruction that focuses on conflict avoidance, Nebraska Law and self defense. We have made our name in the local area for having the best educational materials and a comfortable environment in which to learn.

The lead instructor, Garrett Peddicord, has had a passionate interest in firearms and self defense for over a decade. He has lived in the greater Omaha area for 14 years and currently serves as an active duty military member in an instructor role. He constantly strives to augment his existing topic knowledge and educational credentials.

Instructor Reese Weston Stanley is an active duty military member and a passionate firearms enthusiast.

Our classes and range qualification are held in Bellevue. The exact address is provided upon registration.

Setting a New Standard

Reese Weston Stanley

USCCA Instructor #669375

​Phone: (252) 337-5151

​Certified U.S. Military Marksman