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We explain the entire process thoroughly and help make it easy. All of our students leave the class with everything they need to get their permit and more. There are no extra steps or surprises along the way. We are certified in Nebraska and Iowa to provide the legal training you need. Click the State Patrol link to verify our credentials (search our instructor's names) or contact us for more information.

Nebraska Permit Reciprocity

The application process:

You are required to complete this state approved training before you apply for a permit. The State Patrol charges $100 to file your Concealed Handgun Permit application, which is payable directly to the State Patrol Barracks via cash or check when you apply. This fee is separate from the cost of the training we offer. The State Patrol does not directly provide this training - they entrust organizations like ours to certify individual applicants. All concealed carry course providers in Nebraska will charge a fee for their training that is separate from the State Patrol application fee.

Your permit renewal can be done every five years without additional training for a cost of $50, payable to the Nebraska State Patrol. This can now be done entirely online.

nebraska concealed handgun permit information

Pictured above is the facility where you will attend the class. After the classroom instruction, we will complete your live-fire range qualification on site.

Why you need a class:

Before a person can get a Nebraska Concealed Handgun permit, the law requires a Nebraska State Patrol approved academic and range qualification training course (like ours) to be completed in person.  

We take pride in offering the very best materials, instruction and value in the area. Our training certificate is valid for all Nebraska and Iowa residents.

what we do:

As providers of state approved firearms training, we are proud to play a part in arming responsible Americans. We make sure to thoroughly explain firearms safety. Even people who have never previously fired a handgun leave the class feeling comfortable with their firearm. If you are just getting into shooting, we can assure you that you will not be the only one in the class. The goal of this course is not to create expert marksmen, rather to ensure students leave with all the requisite skills and habits necessary to improve safely through practice. We will gladly answer any and all questions that you have. 

You are required to know whether or not you are legally able to possess a handgun before qualifying with our safety officers on the shooting range. As a general guideline, if you don't have a criminal history and are over 21 and don't have mental health or substance abuse problems, you are very likely to pass the background checks that the State Police will run once you apply for your permit. We highly encourage anyone interested in pursuing a CCW permit to contact the State Patrol or an attorney with specific legal questions.

Our goal is to make the experience of this training a very positive one. We offer a comfortable classroom environment and provide everything, including a notarized State Patrol application, plus free snacks and refreshments. We even have rental handguns for those who have not yet purchased one. You will leave the course at the end of the day with everything you will need to go straight to the Nebraska State Patrol barracks near you and apply. 

The states highlighted in blue will honor your Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit for legal armed travel. Please contact us with any questions.

military members:

If you are a military member stationed in Nebraska on orders, you can apply for your permit through Nebraska. A Form 522 or equivalent firearms certification from the military is not sufficient to meet Nebraska requirements to apply. You still need to accomplish this civilian training. The only thing that is different for you while applying with the State Patrol following the class is that you must provide a copy of your orders and Proof of Vision (if your driver's license is out of state) from an optometrist when you apply. The doctor at the main BX on Offutt can provide that for you very easily.