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I attended/graduated from the 10 December 2017 Concealed Carry Weapons class. I was very impressed with the high caliber, multi-media presentation and information provided throughout that afternoon. 

I specifically selected this class because of the fact that Garrett Peddicord and Reese Weston Stanley are active duty members; I felt it would be easier for me to relate to this important subject matter because of their unique perspective and special training they obtained from the military. I was dead on. 

I was extremely impressed with the entire class and especially with the professionalism and knowledge of both Reese and Garrett. As a Retired USAF SMSgt, I was also very proud of these two warriors. They were professional, polite and they both mastered their subject matter. I also must compliment them on their decision to share their skill and talents with the community; through their efforts, individuals and families are becoming safer and better protected. I am so glad I attended their class.

Charlie C.

When you trust us to teach you about something as important as your own and your family's safety, we take that responsibility very seriously. We are proud to work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure their individual needs are met.​

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We provide both brand-new and more experienced students instruction that focuses on conflict avoidance, self defense and Nebraska law.

We are known for having the best teaching materials and a comfortable environment in which to learn.​

We believe everyone has an inherent right to self defense. Whether you take unarmed, armed, or concealed carry defense classes from us, we guarantee you will gain valuable real-world skills.

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Hand-to-Hand Combatives Cert

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Garrett & Reese, I have taken CCW courses in several states and I am also a firearms instructor. I just wanted to let you know that your class is one of the best that I have attended.

Both instructors Garrett Peddicord and Reese Stanley were not only professional, but were able to present the needed material in a manner that is easy to understand. Nebraska has some vague concealed carry laws and this course did a great job in explaining them.

The USCCA should take great pride in having instructors of this caliber. I want to thank Instructor Peddicord for his hospitality, the snacks and pizza was a welcome personal touch. Both instructors went above and beyond. For anyone considering carrying a concealed firearm, I highly recommend taking the class through USCCA and NebraskaPersonalDefense.com.

Robert F.

garrett peddicord

vallen maes

nebraska personal defense

reese stanley