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Learn practical techniques that will help you effectively leverage your knowledge and training to overcome a violent encounter in any number of situations.

This course takes you beyond the basics of safe firearms handling and understanding the law. You will get one-on-one instruction that covers heightened defensive awareness, reactive maneuvers with a handgun and how to effectively handle real-world violent encounters. 

Our Personal Defense Pistol class starts at 1:00 pm and consists of two hours of highly personalized instruction that focuses on:

•Dynamic escalation of force

•Critical movement drills

•Emergency response tactics

•Engaging imminent threats

   and much more...

The Range:

After the classroom, we will head directly to our private outdoor range. The immediate and thorough application of the techniques covered in our academics will help cement the newly-acquired skills in your arsenal. You will need 200 rounds of ammunition for the two high-paced hours of training on the range.​​

This type of training typically costs around $300. Part of what makes us different is that we always provide a premium product at an unbeatable price.

This course is only $129 and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You will leave the class feeling far more confident in your ability to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones.

​Reserve a spot in the next class before it fills up. You'll be glad you did.


defense pistol - $129


defense pistol - $129

personal defense pistol

It's time to take the next step in your training.​

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